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The easiest way to use proptech apps. The better way to work with real-time data from business, Building Management Systems, BIM, and IoT devices.

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“We have not needed to invest in a lot of new hardware, instead it has been about connecting different IT systems to the available trading system. In total we got 180 kW which we can sell on the flexibility market.“
Ulf Näslund (Head of R&D), Vasakronan

The better way to work with real-time data from business, Building Management Systems, BIM, and IoT devices.

Three easy steps for a smooth onboarding experience

ProptechOS is delivered as a cloud solution and works with existing hardware. The setup of ProptechOS includes onboarding buildings, devices and applications.

Managed onboarding

ProptechOS offers a managed onboarding service for customers who would like to get support with initial setup. Managed onboarding service includes creating digital twins of devices and buildings in ProptechOS and connecting them to customer systems and sensors. For more information contact ProptechOS Onboarding Team ([email protected]). 

Our apps

Utilize translates data from presence sensors of any kind into one common occupancy measure and is easily scalable from one building to the entire portfolio.

The Certify app automates LEED certification and recertification for building portfolios. Get a continuous data stream of LEED building performance metrics and usage levels to see certification performance outcomes.

Optimize is a portfolio scale energy and power analytics app. The app empowers users to optimize energy consumption, district heating and cooling which allows for a perfect balance between energy usage and tenant comfort.

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