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Dr. Erik Wallin, CEO, and founder of ProptechOS and RealEstateCore is recognized as a leader in Building Operating Systems (BOS) and making the buildings of the world smarter. He holds an MSc and a Ph.D. in Media and Computer Science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. ProptechOS transforms real estate portfolios into platforms for innovation, analysis, and optimization. He is an active researcher within the field of semantic technologies and turning buildings into data-driven smart cities. You can contact him by visiting the contact page.

Efficient work order management: Excelling in commercial Real Estate

Property managers face immense pressure to deliver exceptional service and optimize operations. With multiple properties and limited resources, efficiently managing maintenance and work requests on all properties is a complex balancing act. However, an organized work order management process creates a foundation for property management teams to excel. What [...]

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Connected Buildings: Smart infrastructure and IoT development

As urbanization continues rapidly around the globe, connected buildings provide an opportunity to reduce the significant environmental impact of the built environment. By integrating Internet of Things (IoT) devices and intelligent software systems, connected buildings create smart, efficient, responsive, and data-driven infrastructure. What is the concept of smart connected [...]

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Energy Performance Benchmark platform with dena German Energy Agency: first participants onboarded!

In December 2022, after a successful experts meeting on the Analysis and Benchmarking Platform for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heat Pump Systems, the development of the Energy Performance Benchmark platform started.  The platform offers a cost-effective and flexible solution that will increase awareness among equipment owners and promote the [...]

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Explore different cooling & chiller systems benefits for CRE

The right cooling system, proper installation, and regular maintenance can make a massive impact on a commercial real estate (CRE) building’s efficiency and comfortability. Chiller systems typically offer the most efficient and consistent method of cooling indoor spaces. However, to operate efficiently, chiller systems need to be designed and optimized [...]

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How can building owners adapt to the new smart city era?

As cities become more intelligent and more digitally integrated, building owners are finding themselves at the center of this transformation. This new smart city era is characterized by the widespread use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, data analytics, AI, and other digital tools. These technologies create [...]

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What’s a virtual twin? Bridging reality and the digital world

As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of technology, the digital world becomes more capable of modeling a physical environment. The' virtual twin' is one concept at the forefront of this digital transformation.' This technology has the potential to make a substantial impact on commercial real estate. But [...]

By |2023-10-19T16:12:49+02:002023-10-19|Digital Twins|

The impact of occupant dynamics on building management

In the world of commercial real estate, the pulse of a building is determined by the dynamic interactions of its occupants. From tenants to workers, customers, and property managers, each individual brings unique needs and impacts to the building's environment and operation. Understanding these needs, predicting them, and responding [...]

By |2023-09-29T11:12:50+02:002023-09-29|Tenant Experience|

Building optimization: Boosting performance & sustainability

The optimization of commercial real estate buildings has become an essential practice, driven by the dual needs for enhanced performance and sustainability. Stakeholders demand that commercial real estate buildings meet these objectives as tenants, investors, and regulators demand efficiency and environmental responsibility. What is Building Optimization? Building optimization is [...]

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